I'm Mandy. I love to create meaningful stuff for spirited people. Particularly things that facilitate the expression of your unique being.

XPRZY is my version of the Dutch word 'expressie', which means 'expression'. I believe that the meaning of life is self expression. Exploring all that you are and can be. In ideas, creations, experiences, sharing. Like an artist who is his own work of art.

Here you can buy my creations. Or let them inspire you to embrace your own creativity. The more each of us contributes to a world in which we can be our most beautiful and joyful selves, the better!

  • For my creations I use second hand clothing. Officially that's called 'upcycling'. I have to confess that I'm not really the green eco type, and upcycling isn't a doctrine to me. I just love the look and feel of used materials. They are alive, have stories to tell. Which gives them character and charm.

    I like to create with limited resources. Because it challenges my creativity. When I have to use the items that are available, and each one supplies only a certain amount of fabric, I have to surrender to the inherent (im)possibilities. Creation then becomes a process of letting the materials guide me. They seem to have their own will in how to give expression to my ideas. The outcome is always surprising. 

In case you're missing the 'sign up for my mailing list' thing, I left it out on purpose. I'm way too disorganized for mailing relationships.

But I enjoy personal interaction. A lot. So I do have a hangout on Facebook. Where I tell 'behind the scenes' stories and share inspiration. You're very welcome to join me there...

I do other stuff too. Like graphic and web design, writing, painting, spiritual guidance. If you're interested, you can visit my Dutch website.

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